sens who we are

Our intensity is to re-design daily use product into a curated product.
Not only because its useful,not only for the looks and for its beauty, we will implement its [sens] to the product.


Producer Jungo Kanayama(TNZQ)
Ad agency and on to music production, he has experience in wide rage entertainment production . From 2013 started TNZQ for all creative , marketing field and product design/produce.
Creative Director Ryuta Modeki(TWOTONE)
Started out from Business Architects Inc, Launched TWOTONE inc. Has created mega Brand sites, apps, visual productions, and visual structural design. Won the Cannes LIONS titanium Lion, TIAA grand prix, D&AD yellow pencil, Good design awards, inter-active design awards, The award of ‘media and art’ by Japans ministry of culture and more...
Art Director / Designer Yohei Iwaki(TWOTONE)
From a major web design production, stated TWOTONE. Has worked with major domestic companies for its screening media communication design. has won several domestic/international awards for Ads. holds an art exhibition “Fragments of “Now” in London/Tokyo in 2014